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~ Guide to Nominating at Award Sites ~

Step One: Read the Rules.

Step Two: Read the categories.

Step Three: Now think about what categories the fic you want to nominate fits into.

Step Four: Fill out the form.

You will need:-
A) Your own name
B) Your own e-mail
C) Writer/Artists name.   
D) Writer/Artists e-mail.
E) The name of the fic/art you want to nominate (with art you might want to call it Banner made for whatever).
F) The URL of the fic/art you want to nominate (Do not hot link, copy the artwork to your My pictures or whatever, then upload to Photobucket, or your own host).
G) Name of category (s) the fic is being nominated in.
H) Any additional comments you feel might be needed. Eg notes about the nomination, or how to alternatively contact the nominee e

If you can not get the writer/artists e-mail do not hesitate to ask them for help, most will be only too willing to respond. If you cannot find the URL, they normally will know where it is in memories, tags or websites.

What the judges are looking for in fics:
1) Spelling/Grammar.
2) Adherence to category guidelines.
3) Continuity
4) Plot
5) Characterisation.
6) Originality.
7) Overall quality of writing/enjoyment

What the judges are looking for in artwork:
1) Composition 
2) Technical skill
3) Use of colour/text
4) Character likeness
5) Originality

Hope this helps!
Written by the darlin' woman_of_

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