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~ Rules for Judges ~

~~ Judging Rules ~~

++ Well, please be as unbiased as you can. Efforts will be made to keep the nominations as anonymous as possible as this places all writers on the same level before the judging begins. So please try not to look for loopholes hehe. 

++ Please check out the general rules HERE.

++ Judges can not nominate, or be nominated for the categories theyre judging for, but can be in any other category.Judges can not nominate, or be nominated for the categories theyre judging for, but can be in any other category.

++ Judges will receive anonymous word documents for each fic to be judged, as well as a form for filling out the results.

++ The nominations will be judged by a rating system of 1 to 5:
1 = poor
2 = average
3 = good
4 = very good
5 = excellent

for the following skills for fiction:
1) Spelling/Grammar.
2) Adherence to category guidelines.
3) Continuity
4) Plot
5) Characterisation.
6) Originality.
7) Scene discription and visualisation.
8) Overall quality of writing/enjoyment

For artwork:
1) Composition 
2) Technical skill
3) Use of colour/text
4) Characterisation
5) Originality

The average of all the judges workin in that category will then be calculated. If a tie breaker occurs, a third separate judge will be asked to look at both and make the final decision.

Any queries? Let myself or 

kayt_arminta know :)





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