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The Big Bad Awards

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Heyhey and welcome to The Big Bad Awards for the Big Bad of Sunnydale! These are Spike centric awards for fanfics, ficlets, drabbles, manipulations, banners and icons.

Current judges for this round are as follows [in random order]: the two mods, tamakin + kayt_arminta.

~ Fiction Categories ~

Slayer’s Blood: Best of the Best Spike Fics (Mod’s choice out of all submitted)

Bloody Hell!: Best Spike Voice

Bag Of Blood: Best Drabbles and Ficlets

Bloody Scoobies: Best commenter/supporter [please leave a brief description in the comments section explaning why the nominee deserves this award]

The AB- Awards: Best Rare Pairing (Spike/Gunn, Spike/Dru, Spike/Giles, Spike/Harmony, etc etc. Pretty much any pairing that hasn't been specifically mentioned below)

The O+ Awards: Best Spuffy

Blood Of The Sire: Best Spangel

Bloody Nummy Treat: Best Spander

Platelet: Best Spawn

Blood Red: Best Spillow

Blood Brothers: Best Spilliam

Blood Thirst: Best Pre-Chipped Spike

Bloody Leash: Best Spike Chipped/Souled Fics

Pure Innocent Blood: Best William

Bleeding For You: Spike Treated Badly in a Relationship

Blood Is Life: Best Vamping Fic (Spike is vamped or he vamps someone else)

Blood Transfusion: Spike needs to be saved (H/c with Spike the one hurt)

Bleeding Heart: Spike caring for someone (H/c with Spike taking care of someone hurting)

Blood Bound: Spike’s a slave

Bloody Whip: Spike’s the Master/Owner

Frozen Blood: Post NFA

Pooled Blood: Dark Fics

Tainted Blood: AU Fics

Blood Donor: WIP

Blood Bank: Finished fic

Blood Pressure: Best Romance

~ Art Categories ~

Blood Droplet: Best Icon

Blood Tipped Feathers: Winged Spike manips

Drawn in Blood: Safe for work manips

Hot Blooded: Manip (Not Safe For Work/Naked Spike)

Bloodied Scrolls: Best fic banner

Hee heres the nomination buttons. Please supply a link back to the comm if you use one : ) Oh and o course these are only for peeps that have been nominated here. So Congrats!


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